Few of us enjoy talking about what happens when we are gone, but death is one thing we all have in common.  Since we know that our passing is going to happen, it is better to plan for it now, rather than expect our survivors to guess about our intentions. 

First, having a valid and enforceable will in place is paramount.  You might be surprised by how the law chooses your heirs and distributes your property in the absence of a will.  If you have any notion of how you want your property to be distributed, and to whom, then you need a will.  And now is the time to create one update an old one. 

Second, you should consider the instructions you would want to share with your healthcare providers in the event you become terminally ill, unable to communicate, or comatose.  Georgia’s Advance Directive for Health Care is the recommended form to make those wishes known.  

Third, you may have reason to consider creating a trust.  You may have valuable assets that you want to protect for future generations or that you want to provide to a charity in the future.  You may need to provide for a loved one with special needs.  A trust can be the method to accomplish those goals. 

Take advantage of the time you have today to make solid plans for the future, yours and others.  Call me at The Law Office of John P. Cole, LLC 

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