For most businesses, personnel is the biggest investment on a dollar basis, not to mention on a time basis.  For successful businesses, personnel is the most important asset.  Managing your workforce, whether three or 300, is critical to your bottom line.  Doing so without violating the law requires counsel. 

The range of laws, regulations, and rules that govern the employment relationship is immense, if not overwhelming.  Hiring, training, promoting, discharging, outsourcing – all aspects of workforce management carry risks.  But those risks can be mitigated, and the reward is usually a more effective and committed group of employees carrying out your business. 

Do not avoid questions about compliance, and do not make personnel decisions blindly.  Call me today at the Law Office of John P. Cole, LLC.  Whether you are expanding your payroll or facing an employee complaint, I can assist you in crafting a plan of action that will make your business stronger.нужна лиIonсайт визитка что этоповышение рейтинга сайта в поисковых системахopen source alm toolsоптимизироватьноутбуков wobsmfxbroker mmgpсковородки грилькастрюлю купитьru oltatravelmfx brokerгоогле поисковиксервисное обслуживание принтеровdeeo